Dr. Lawrence


Dr. Aaron B. Lawrence is a native of McConnelsville, Ohio. Dr. Lawrence received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physiological Optics from Ohio State University in 1996, followed by graduating with honors with a Doctor of Optometry Degree from The Ohio State University in 1998.

He is a member of the Ohio Optometric Association, the American Optometric Association and the New Concord Area Board of Trade. Dr. Lawrence is also a Captain in the United States Army Reserve.

Dr. Lawrence resides in Zanesville with his wife, Ali and their three children. He enjoys golf, boating, hunting and being a Dad.


  • American Optometric Association
  • Ohio Optometric Association
  • Ohio Amblyope Registry
  • InfantSee Provider
  • Real Eyes Presenter

The Optometric Oath

With full deliberation I freely and solemnly pledge that: I will practice the art and science of optometry faithfully and conscientiously, and to the fullest scope of my competence. I will uphold and honorably promote by example and action the highest standards, ethics and ideals of my chosen profession and the honor of the degree, Doctor of Optometry, which has been granted me.

I will provide professional care for those who seek my services, with concern, with compassion and with due regard for their human rights and dignity.

I will place the treatment of those who seek my care above personal gain and strive to see that none shall lack for proper care.

I will hold as privileged and inviolable all information entrusted to me in confidence by my patients.

I will advise my patients fully and honestly of all which may serve to restore, maintain or enhance their vision and general health.

I will strive continuously to broaden my knowledge and skills so that my patients may benefit from all new and efficacious means to enhance the care of human vision.

I will share information cordially and unselfishly with my fellow optometrists and other professionals for the benefit of patients and the advancement of human knowledge and welfare. I will do my utmost to serve my community, my country and humankind as a citizen as well as an optometrist.

I hereby commit myself to be steadfast in the performance of this my solemn oath and obligation.


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Office Manager
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Front Office Staff
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Our focus is on your eye care needs

Quality eyecare and personal attention are our primary focus at Vision First. We are a privately owned optometry practice that prides itself on the individual care and attention we provide to all of our patients.

Vision First is located in New Concord, Ohio and our specialties include comprehensive eye exams, pediatric eyecare, hard-to-fit contact lenses, eye diseases and conditions, pre- and post-LASIK co-management, and other routine eyecare services.

Dr. Aaron Lawrence and his staff is committed to serving you and your entire family, from young children to mature adults. Our specially trained technicians will ensure every aspect of your office visit is pleasant, and all your eyecare needs are addressed.